This is the third iteration of this website. I created it first in 2006 as an outlet for my exploration of my early education in East Asian medicine at National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM, once called NCNM). By blogging frequently and interacting with students and practitioners worldwide, I could create a much richer educational environment for myself than I would have had otherwise. Over the years, the site has been a place for my teaching work in East Asian medicine, business and ethics, and a place for fruitful discussion among peers and students. 

In late 2019, I transitioned the website from its then name of Chinese Medicine Central back to the original 2006 name, Deepest Health. This was during a period of profound transformation for me personally and professionally. I moved to the Oregon Coast, reoriented my clinical practice, left NUNM and was invited to teach for Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM) – and those are just the main highlights!

The most important development to come out of that fertile period was my rediscovery of my desire to pursue a path of scholarship.

While I have toyed with the idea of pursuing an advanced degree, most likely a PhD, the recent instability in world events and some personal changes have turned me in another direction. I am going to pursue the path of independent scholarship using the digital tools I have available to me. 

On this site, I hope to share my love of Classical Chinese Medicine as well as my investigation of “the intersections.”

I have a passion for teaching the foundations of this medicine to excited and motivated students, particularly those with no classical background. My hope is to be able to not only give you the essential information you need to be more powerful clinically, but also to engage you in a whole method of being a professional in this medicine and inspire you to be the best practitioner you can be. The world needs us doing our best work.

As far as the intersections are concerned, I am here thinking of all of the places where our medicine becomes more than our medicine. All of the sociological, philosophical, historical, cultural, spiritual, political and deeply personal areas of life that East Asian medicine intersects AND can help us to understand. While medicine and medical practice are my primary focus, and always will be, it is these more tangential topics that often grab my imagination and compel me to write.

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