WLP podcast S1E2 : How do you bring your whole self to your acupuncture practice?


This episode of the podcast was inspired by a couple of conversations I’ve had recently with colleagues and students who are, in various ways, struggling to find how to bring parts of themselves into resonance with their professional lives. Whether because of some aspect of their personalities, or because of a political cause they support, or even due to significant hobbies, these folks are trying to understand what it means to be a professional in this medicine for them. I mention some of the factors involved, what it all boils down to in my mind, and ask a couple of questions of the community of listeners regarding this interesting topic.

Here are some links I mention in this podcast:

  1. The suggestions page for the WLP podcast is located here.  Note:  I inappropriately said it would be at https://deepesthealth.com/podcast/suggestions – but instead it’s at https://deepesthealth.com/podcast-suggestions. Sorry for the error!
  2. Some of us might resonate with the idea of being “multipotentialites,” and you can learn more about that term by listening to this TED talk
  3. Episode 1 of this podcast is located here, and you can also visit the archive (now pretty small!)

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  1. Excellent points. It can be difficult to leave our feelings at the door or at home. I find it happens to me on occasion. I sit on my hands, physically or metaphorically, whatever it takes! Clients aren’t interested in who I am away from work, but what will work for them.

    1. Eric Grey says:

      Thanks for your comment, Trish. It’s exceptionally difficult to do, you’re right. But, an important skill!

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