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“Deepest Health is dedicated to the cultivation of a worldwide community of students and practitioners of engaged, rooted Chinese medicine”

This is more than an empty tagline.  This statement forms the core of everything we do at Deepest Health, and everything we believe as students and practitioners of classical Chinese Medicine.  If you’re interested in reading a little more about what that means, sign up for the newsletter and receive the free Treatise on Engaged, Rooted Chinese Medicine.  You may also want to start reading the most popular Chinese medicine blog on the Internet.  Leave a comment – they are always answered and appreciated.  Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ any time.

Deepest Health Contributors

Eric Grey

Hi – I’m the founder of Deepest Health. When I’m not writing here, you can find me reaching out to the Chinese Medicine community across the web and in my own backyard. I currently teach Chinese herbs at my alma mater, National College of Natural Medicine. Additionally, I’m the founder of Watershed Community Wellness, a thriving local clinic in Southeast Portland in Oregon. No matter where I’m working, you’ll find my focus on the Classical approach to Chinese medicine laced throughout everything I do.

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Brandon Brown

In addition to obtaining the Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, I completed a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Classical Chinese Medicine. My continued study of the classical texts and cultural arts inform and deepen my practice of this ancient art form. My passion for education and learning have run deep throughout my life and I looks forward to exploring and discovering this beautifully ancient but still very applicable medicine with you.   Learn more about Brandon
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Eugene Sunjae Lee

I am a student at NCNM in both the Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine programs. I am most interested in the meeting of medicine, art, and community and embrace Deepest Health as a platform to synthesize and share my ideas. Besides my activities here, you can find me performing with my jazz trio or exhibiting my paintings in various galleries around town. Learn more about Sunjae

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Cintain 昆游龍

Consummate wanderer, amateur Daoist, and fledgling healer, I'm all over the place. I believe that as the oldest, continuously practiced and developed medical system in the world, Chinese Medicine can encompass many therapeutic modalities within its framework. Thus I practice Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, and Body Psychotherapy along with Acupuncture and Herbology, seeking ways to approach a truly holistic understanding of embodied human experience.

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Jonathan Edwards

I eventually found my way to Portland and NCNM’s Classical Chinese Medicine program and am now happily settled into the world of the 5 phases and 6 conformations. Alongside my focus on Shanghan Lun herbalism and Japanese meridian therapy, I continues to immerse myself in Western herbal traditions and mysticism, with a recent focus in Afro-Brazilian religion and plant spirit medicine. Learn more about Jonathan

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Melinda Wheeler

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