WLP Podcast S1E10 – Social media for acupuncturists : Whether, why, how and really?


In this podcast, I’m flying solo and talking about social media for acupuncturists. The marketing world is confusing and, for some, quite overwhelming. No question gets brought up more in my classes and my email inbox than whether social media works for getting acupuncture patients, and how to manage it all. So, here, I hit on most of the high notes relating to the big three, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I discuss…

  • The basics you should consider before getting started
  • The consideration of time and opportunity costs in social media
  • How social media makes you FEEL and why that matters, especially for acupuncturists
  • Whether or not ethical matters make their way into this particular business decision
  • How to decide whether your niche requires that you use social media to build your practice
  • Whether or not social media really works to get acupuncture patients

I wanted to mention a couple of tools I use or have used to manage my own social media activities, including:

  • Hootsuite (poor visuals, but free and robust way to manage multiple profiles and gather content to share)
  • Sprout Social (much prettier, but more expansive, alternative to Hootsuite)
  • Coschedule (way to schedule/manage online marketing, reuse old content, and much more – my number one recommendation… aff link)
  • Edgar (a slick way to find, post and reuse social content, important in managing social media for acupuncturists when we have so much on our plate)

And a shoutout to a couple of great Instagram accounts that show some great skill in use of social media for building a medical practice:

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