WLP Podcast S1E09 – Allison Jacob talks rural acupuncture, esthetics & bringing your whole self


In this episode, I welcome Allison Jacob of Earth Sea Acupuncture in Waterbury, Vermont (which I erroneously called Virginia at first – forgive me!). Like me, she practices in a relatively more rural area, and a lot of what we discuss revolves around that topic. How do you find patients in a rural area? How is acupuncture received outside the big cities? What’s marketing like when BNI isn’t available and social media may be less of a preferred mode of communication?

Allison also shared her love for her new clinic space, and we discussed how important esthetics are to the sense of calm and centeredness necessary to do our best work as acupuncturists.

It was a fun conversation that I hope is only the first of many to come. You can see photos of Allison’s space below, as well as by checking out her website. She’s on Instagram as well, so go ahead and follow her to your heart’s delight!


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