WLP Podcast S1E08 – Z’ev Rosenberg’s 2011 podcast interview


It’s another re-release of an old Deepest Health podcast episode. I even kept the original intro/outro music intact for that extra ring of authenticity (and less work for me!) This one has some pretty major audio quality challenges, but the content is strong. Here, Z’ev and I talk more about the profession at large, rather than just aspects of acupuncture business, but that’s all part of Whole Life Practice.

I like this podcast particularly for the history of the early acupuncture profession in the US that Z’ev can uniquely share. I feel we don’t hear enough from the elders of our medicine that can help us see where we stand in relationship to the stream of the profession as it exists in the US.

Please check out the links and information in the previous podcast to learn more about Z’ev, his practice and his teaching!

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