WLP Podcast S1E07 – Z’ev Rosenberg discusses home acupuncture practice & nourishing life



In this episode of the podcast, I was fortunate to talk with Z’ev Rosenberg, author, teacher and very busy Chinese medicine practitioner. Z’ev practices out of his home in San Diego, and because many students ask me about home-based practice, we focused quite a bit on how that works for him. However, we also discussed insurance billing (and why he doesn’t do it), keeping in balance as a busy practitioner and the meaning of Whole Life Practitioner for patients.

Z’ev has a lot of great things going on in his professional life, so I wanted to share some links to some of those projects here. Watch for next week’s podcast which will be a re-release of the conversation I had with Z’ev back in 2010! While a lot has changed, and the sound quality leaves something to be desired, you’ll find plenty to learn or re-learn from that conversation which ranges from professional practice of acupuncture to the importance of the classics and beyond.

Thanks as always for listening!

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