WLP Podcast S1E5 – Veterinary acupuncture & creating a practice that supports your life balance


In this episode of the Whole Life Practitioner podcast, I am excited to introduce Dr. Neal Sivula, DVM, PhD, a holistic veterinarian practicing in Richfield, OH.

Neal was kind to chat with me about the setup of his practice, including his decision not to have real-time reception, and how he has pivoted towards an entirely holistic approach. We discuss his increasing focus on the classics of acupuncture and the tools he uses to maintain balance in stickier parts of practice, including end-of-life care. Even if you are not a veterinary acupuncturist, or don’t have much interest, I think you’ll benefit from hearing what Neal has to say about how he structures his own business and how he seeks to live a “whole life” while practicing this medicine.

Next week, I’ll be releasing the very last episode of the old podcast, which again features Dr. Sivula! There we go more into the medical side of things, but also end up discussing aspects of practice and study relevant to the Whole Life Practitioner concept. Stay tuned!

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