WLP Podcast S1E4 – Networking for acupuncturists, integrity & activism


In this episode of the Whole Life Practitioner podcast, I have Rowan Everard, MS, LAc on the line!

I ask him what I will be asking every practitioner guest on the show moving forward to get us started:

  1. What does Whole Life Practitioner mean to you, and do you resonate with the concept?
  2. What’s something going well in your business / practice right now?
  3. What’s something you’re still struggling with in your business / practice?

This opens up a fruitful conversation, focused mostly on networking for acupuncturists – the good, the bad and the awkward. We also chat about the meaning of integrity, working with patients that have challenging personalities and how to integrate activism into professional life. We talk quite a bit about dual relationships, and have a fair bit of fun on this episode. Rowan will definitely be back – so feel free to head to the suggestions page if you have follow-up questions for him or other suggestions for the show.

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