East Asian Medicine Info Hub

This page serves as a central index for the basic data I reference frequently on the site. It’s also the product of my 2020-2021 study project.

Organ systems

  1. Fei 肺 Lung
  2. Da Chang 大腸 Large Intestine
  3. Wei 胃 Stomach
  4. Pi 脾 Spleen
  5. Xin 心 Heart
  6. Xiao Chang 小腸 Small Intestine
  7. Pang Guang 膀胱 Bladder
  8. Shen 腎 Kidney
  9. Xin bao 心包 Pericardium
  10. San Jiao 三焦 Triple Burner
  11. Dan 膽 Gall Bladder
  12. Gan 肝 Liver