Shennong Relational Herb Learning Method

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This page is filled with essential information that will help make your Shennong course more enjoyable & effective. You may receive some of this information elsewhere as well, such as via email. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE, as it is the easiest way to get to all of the modules – in the listing below.

But, before you get started going through the modules…

  1. Click through the various pages to which you have access, and read through all intro emails to make sure you understand each aspect of the course. Feel free to get in touch if that is not the case.
  2. Take note of a few things that can help avoid confusion. First, you can bookmark this page to most easily access all of the information you’re entitled to receive. Second, some of these modules were recorded a few years ago, and involved former versions of my website. This means I sometimes make reference to logistical aspects of the course that no longer exist, or exist in a different form. If I discuss some logistical, financial or time-based course information that doesn’t make sense to you, it’s most likely because of this fact. Please get in touch if you hear or read something confusing and want to clarify. 

How to work with the modules

  1. Before you start a module, look through all the content available for it, so you have a sense for how you would like to proceed.
  2. Don’t just passively consume content – be active! Write notes, pause and look up unfamiliar information, apply yourself through the exercises and talk to others about the modules, including on our Forums, or even with those not in our profession, like friends and partners.
  3. Go through the materials multiple times. The good thing about a recorded course, rather than a live one, is you can go back and listen to things you’ve missed. Since I’m a fast speaker, this might be particularly helpful in these courses.