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In this course, we address the topics that are most typically considered “practice management.” From the beginning of the patient experience, as they travel through our practice, all the way to the end – what structures, systems and procedures need to be developed in order to give them the best possible care? We’ll talk about your location, your building, your rooms and everything that goes in them. This course also addresses the most commonly discussed ethical issues that come up for many healthcare practitioners – especially those of us who spend a lot of 1-on-1 time with our patients.

Questions answered include:

  • What’s a commercial lease and how should I work with them?
  • Why is location, location, location doubly true for acupuncturists?
  • What’s the meaning of Earth in the context of our practice space?
  • What are the essential questions you have to ask before even considering your state of practice?
  • How can you decide on a state to practice in, or even harder, a city or neighborhood?
  • How do you fill up all that space without going broke?
  • What’s the deal with liability insurance? How do you keep your stuff safe?
  • And a lot more

Errors, corrections and things that may confuse you

These videos have been recorded over various periods of time and some were part of courses that no longer exist. I create new videos when I discover that is the case – but these things take time. Because I’ve not had time to make all the updates all of the time, you may hear things on the videos that don’t make sense, including:

  • Module or “Week” numbers that don’t make sense
  • References to NUNM/NCNM specifics that no longer apply, or other course or website structures that no longer exist. In general, if you have questions about something that seems relevant to you, just reach out and we’ll straighten it out. 🙂
  • References to assignments or other experiential events that are no longer available or happened only in the past. If something sounds interesting, but you don’t see any evidence of it on the site, get in touch and I’ll let you know if it can be found.

There is also some language and a couple of concepts that I am phasing out of my public teaching, including:

  • Use of the word “Tribe” to reference niches
  • The differentiation between vision and mission, which I do differently now