Acupuncture Clinic Marketing

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Introduction to the course

This course is a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of contemporary acupuncture clinic marketing.

Many people start out their clinic marketing careers by diving right into tools, tactics and technology. Should you get a Facebook page? Should you use Yelp ads? What’s the deal with Groupon? How do you make a great website?

These questions are important, of course, but before you dive in there – it’s best to get a solid foundation in this whole marketing thing. That’s what you get in this course. We will cover:

  • An introduction to the approach to marketing we’ll be taking in the course including what marketing is (and isn’t), how to get yourself focused on what matters, and how to approach the huge amount of marketing information out there on the Internet
  • An overview of common marketing strategies that apply to running a small business like an acupuncture practice – basics and more advanced
  • Guidance concerning a marketing plan, how to create one and how to keep yourself on track with regards to that plan
  • A thoughtful approach to branding – one of the most important things to get right as you consider how you want to present your practice to the world
  • And importantly, we’ll dig deep into how your vision, mission, purpose, passion and values should be the lifeblood of your clinic marketing, no matter what tactics and strategies you use moving forward
  • It’s fun, I promise 🙂

Errors, corrections and things that may confuse you

You will hear things on the recordings that may not make sense, including:

  • Module or “Week” numbers that don’t make sense – just ignore what is said or written in the videos and focus on the material and the way it is arranged in the course that you’re taking.
  • References to NUNM or other course or website structures that no longer exist, references to the old name of NUNM – NCNM. Since non-NUNM students take these courses, the discussion of NUNM specific material, while rare, may be confusing.
  • References to assignments or other experiential events that are no longer available or happened only in the past, such as get togethers or office hours I no longer hold. For digital office hour information, please see this page.

There is also some language and a couple of concepts that I am phasing out of my public teaching, including:

  • Use of the word “Tribe” to reference niches. While you may find this term used in some of the older videos and materials, and some of the current links, I believe it is inappropriate – a type of cultural appropriation. The word “community” or “niche” is my preference, though those words are clearly not synonymous.
  • The differentiation between vision and mission – which I don’t find to be as helpful a differentiation anymore. I continue to discuss it because you may see it in other books and teachings.