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Chaihu 柴胡 formulas & guiding out the old to bring in the new

Chaihu formulas are frequently used in contemporary clinics.  One of the most frequently used formulas, Xiaoyao San 逍遙散 (Free Wanderer Powder), is a relatively recent development in the history of Chinese medicine.  It first appeared, as far as I can tell, in the 11th century.  However, in the intervening time and perhaps especially in the […]

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Guizhi tang and Miles Davis – an exploration in the harmony of Chinese herb formulas

Note: This post is written by NCNM student & CMQ contributor Eugene Lee. He also provided the painting here – a beautiful interpretation of the characters for “Guizhi tang” – please comment on this post, encourage Eugene’s contributions! One of the words for Medicine in Chinese is 藥 yao, the top part of which indicates […]

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Manual of Acupuncture author, Peter Deadman, on iPad apps, community acupuncture & more

Update: If you’re going to comment on this post, please just remove the vitriol. There’s just absolutely NO reason to react to anything anybody has said with anything but respectful dialogue. I’ve had to delete several comments that just crossed the line. I’m the only one allowed to cross the line, here, folks. Given a […]

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