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Issues of being in practice in Chinese medicine in the contemporary world, various technology and theories around this, working within the political and sociological circumstances we find ourselves in

Using Devonthink to learn and write about the Chinese herbal formula Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang

This article is a bit of a dork odyssey, being how it relates to the use of a computer database program to organize highly specialized information related to Chinese herbal formulas.  That will either attract or repulse you – I hope the former! I have something of an obsession with database programs.  Of course, it’s not […]

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Why Chinese Medicine is a great healthcare choice during an economic downturn

It seems that many people still see “alternative medicine” therapy as an expense that fits into the “disposable income” category of their budget.  In my money management software, it fits most neatly under “Spa” activities, which are in the same place as haircuts and bikini waxes.  I’ve recently gone to great lengths to alter this […]

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