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You can get great information on Chinese medicine in many places.  Books, teachers, nature, your patients.  There are even a few decent websites.  Yes, even here on Deepest Health, indeed, we have courses, articles, all kinds of information to help you learn more about how to practice this medicine.  Information isn’t really that hard to come by.

But sometimes, we need something else.  Sometimes, we need a roadmap, or some inspiration, or a feeling of connection and power.

The treatise you can download by entering your information in the form below is an example of that “something else.”  In it, you won’t find the secrets of how to memorize Chinese herbs.  You won’t uncover the key to unlocking auto-immune disease.

What you will discover is the simple steps you can take to embrace a revitalized Chinese medicine practice.

In the treatise, I reveal 7 principles I’ve learned that – if engaged with by a student, practitioner, or exceptionally interested layperson – will embed you in an ever expanding universe of learning, fulfillment & effective healing.  These principles can be used as discrete categories of study and practice.  They are also flexible enough to be adapted for people who don’t practice as I do – perhaps you are a bodyworker, or a therapist who embraces Chinese medicine principles?  This is for you, too.

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