Sunjae Lee


My name is Sunjae and I’m a 5th year Dual Degree student of Naturopathy and Chinese Medicine at National College of Natural Medicine. I grew up in the Boston area and developed a love for natural medicine late in the game, after getting an undergrad degree in Chemistry from University of Rochester and working as a chemical engineer for 3 years. During this time I brought myself out of a period of ill-health and in the process discovered that there was a career that was perfect for synthesizing my real passions in life: the arts, whether it be visual, musical, or martial. I came to NCNM and enrolled in the dual degree program and haven’t looked back since.

I am most interested in the meeting of medicine, art, and community and embrace Deepest Health as a platform to synthesize and share my ideas. Besides my activities here, you can find me performing with my jazz trio or exhibiting my paintings in various galleries around town. Visit me on the web at:


Articles I’ve written for Deepest Health: 

Chinese Medicine and the Creative Arts: More than a Luxury

Guizhi Tang and the Miles Davis Quintet



Where you can find me on the web: my main site / painting site my jazz trio my school blog