Deepest Health Podcast 23 – Year of the Snake / The Power of Observing Time

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Can you observe time?

Not directly, I suppose.  But you can observe the patterns of time as they influence the world around you.  You can watch the periodic nature of birth and death, sprouting and flourishing, patient symptoms, business changes and everything else.  As Chinese medicine practitioners, we are called to be observant of nature and – in particular – nature’s cycles.

My friend, colleague and hero Brandon Brown teamed up with two of my favorite people on the planet - Christopher Thombs and Michael Givens – to bring the world something pretty amazing, the aforementioned Year of the Snake classical almanac and its herbally oriented companion, Snake oil.  Amazing as these offerings are, they may bewilder the mind and confound easy use – particularly for those who have little background in classical Chinese calendrics!

Thus, this podcast.

After many months without a podcast, we emerge refreshed and ready to take on the Year of the Snake.  Brandon and I sat down in my newly appointed office to discuss the meaning and purpose of the almanac, how watching the cycles of energy as manifested in nature can be beneficial to all types of Chinese medicine students and practitioners, and more.  Don’t wait another second – listen to it today.

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