Teaching what you want to learn & a (sort of) birthday sale

It’s significant to me that Deepest Health has been in full operation for five years, now.

It was in September 2007 that I started blogging in earnest, though the site was technically begun long before that – in August 2006.  On this day, five years ago, I wrote an article about the importance of qigong.  Interestingly enough, I still have plenty to learn from that humble article.

When I teach the business class at NCNM, as well as when I talk to students and practitioners all over the world, I find myself repeating one piece of advice.  “Write it all down.”  That goes for planning, but even more so for developing your knowledge.  You don’t really know something until you know what you don’t know about it.  You learn this most quickly by trying to explain what it is you think you know!  Not as complicated in practice as it sounds from that sentence.

Over five years of writing, and in the last 18 months, teaching about Chinese medicine – I’ve learned a lot.

Because of my success in accelerating my own learning process, I do often suggest to people that they start up a blog.  Many people have taken my advice, and still others came to the blogging Chinese medicine path of their own accord.  It occurs to me that I’d like to create a curated list of all the best sites related to Chinese medicine on the web.  I know most of them – but I’m wondering if you might know a few that I don’t.  If you would like to see your site, or someone else’s, on the list – please respond with the URL in the comments.

Deepest Health is still built on a foundation of free content.

With new contributors being added, and new passions springing forth all the time, there’s never a shortage of blog posts coming out.  We’ve got the podcast too, of course.  Now we’re getting into video (Danggui coming soon)!  We’ve given out various free bits and pieces via our newsletters, and hope to do even more along these lines.

Of course, as most of you have noted, we’ve started up with paid offerings.  That was a necessity – as we want to do so much with the site and need support to make that happen.  Everything about offering content costs money, particularly if you want to do a great job with it.  Chinese Medicine Quarterly is there, of course.  A new issue is coming later in the autumn after a slight delay.  Our courses are doing well – with the offerings expanding all the time.  I’m currently contemplating how to structure a single herbs course in a way that is both theoretically weighty and clinically relevant.

Anyway – to combine the spirit of the free content with the “help support Deepest Health” reality of the paid content, AND in honor of our approximate birthday as a site – we’re running a sale.

For the remainder of the week, all paid products are 25% off.

This includes the newly registering Six Conformations course taught by Brandon Brown and all of the rest of our courses.  It also includes all the issues of Chinese Medicine Quarterly!   If you’ve bought anything from us in the last week without this discount, just contact us and we’ll refund you the difference.  A gift is a gift.  To take advantage of the discount, all you have to do is type the word BIRTHDAY in the coupon field during checkout.  If you have any trouble, just contact support.

Thanks everybody – we’re looking forward to the next five years.

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