Studying Chinese Medicine – new issue of Chinese Medicine Quarterly is ready

EDIT: Unfortunately, as of 2013, no issues of Chinese Medicine Quarterly are available for sale. Thanks for checking in, though!

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, my developmental trajectory has been… interesting.  Because I was in higher education for the better part of a decade before starting medical school, I started a little burnt out.  However, the enthusiasm I had for this new venture powered me through my first year with no problem.  At the beginning of the second year, I started this website, which gave me another shot in the arm.

However, second year is also the year of rote memorization in our program, and at the time that wasn’t a skill I possessed.  Not really.  I started to lose steam.  Things were a little precarious until my fourth, clinical, year.  Writing here helped.  Spending lots of time in nature helped.  Seeing patients helped.

Along the way, I was exposed to so many systems of understanding, so many schools of thought.  It was stimulating, and exhausting.  For almost a year after I graduated, I really didn’t want to have anything to do with studying Chinese medicine.

In fact, part of me wondered if I needed to study anymore – maybe just seeing patients was enough?

Since my second year in practice, I’ve redoubled my efforts in the realm of study.  I consider myself a lifelong student, and teaching people both at NCNM and here at Deepest Health has both necessitated and accelerated that learning process.  I expect I will be studying until I cannot study anymore.

I’ve heard similar stories and sentiments from practitioners in the field – even those who have been practicing for many years.  Students, obviously, have plenty to think about and say about studying.

Thus, the focus of this spring’s issue of Chinese Medicine Quarterly is, simply, Study.

What does it mean to study Chinese medicine?  How best to do it?  Is there more than one way to study?  As always, we invite students and practitioners to contribute articles based on their understanding of the simple concept at the center of the issue.  The result is our best issue yet, made even better by the incredible artwork of Eugene Lee.

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