Shennong rising! Come learn Chinese herbs with us!

I hope you have been enjoying the changes on the new site.  The blog archive is steadily being repopulated.  New resources are being created and polished.  We’re being active on the major social networks.  A couple of secret projects behind the scenes.  But, the big news this last six months has been the Shennong Relational Herb Learning course.   (Note: As of 2014, the course is not open for new registrants. I left this post up for posterity. :))

My first group of students went through, and had a lot of nice things to say about the course.  I list some of those comments on the page where you can learn more about the course and register, if you are interested.  I hope you are.  Why?

Well, obviously, more students means that I can spend more of my time and energy on Deepest Health.  The more this site can support me and my family, the more I am able to devote myself to this site and the independent scholarship that takes it from being an interesting blog to being a real resource.

But, more than that, I just cannot tell you how excited I am to reach out to students all over the globe and create an interactive space where we can come together in our mutual interest in classical Chinese herbalism.  More students means more conversations, and also more people to tell me what I can do to make the course better.  It’s like having a big family – only the family is all over the planet and always talks about dorky Chinese medicine things.  Even better!

Anyway – once the next batch of students is all settled in I’m going to be launching a couple of things here at Deepest Health.  One is an herbal monograph series.  I’m writing a bunch of short books about individual herbs that will bring together data from the classical texts, more modern sources, botany, phenomenology and my clinical experiences.  I’m going to sell them, but will also be sharing lots of the information on the blog for free.  I’m also working on finding someone to write about classical acupuncture for the site – if you know anyone, send them my way!

So – check out the page for the newly open Shennong Relational Herb Learning Method – and sign up for the course!  You won’t regret it.  If you know someone else who might be interested, be sure to send them over as well.  I’ve got a couple of great bonuses for a limited time as well as a nice deal for people who want to sign up for Shennong 1 and Shennong 2 concurrently.

One more thing!  We’re currently pending approval for NCCAOM PDA (CEU) points, so you can use the courses to fulfill your recertification efforts if you are in a place that uses that kind of thing.  Just one more reason to join us.  :)

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