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eric_grey_acknowledgementsWhen you write acknowledgements for a thesis at a small college in Portland, you can be reasonably assured that almost nobody will read them.  This is a shame, for they are meant to be read – meant to shout your love, respect and admiration from the rooftops!  So, I hope you will indulge me and read the below and give a silent round of applause to the people that made my thesis, indeed my entire success at school and on this blog and in my life in general, possible.  I couldn’t possibly mention everyone who was a part of it – so if you’re not mentioned below and should be – know that my love goes to you as well.

In the coming weeks, I’ll release more of my thesis, though the very thought terrifies me.  Anyone who’s written a thesis, dissertation or book will know what I mean.



To Amanda, the love of my life, without you life is bereft of meaning.  I thank your for your persistence, your strength, your uncommon beauty and your belief that I’m not as crazy as I seem.

To Eden, without whom I would have had no reason to go to school at all, my debt to you can never be repaid.  I love you, I love you, I love you.

To Sarah and Christopher, my dear friends, thank you for your patience with my idiosyncrasies.  I cannot promise they will diminish with the final draft of this thesis.  But, I can promise more beach trips.

To Heiner, my heartfelt thanks for guidance, for inspiration and for constant reminders of the power of this medicine.  I will always be your student, if you’ll have me.

To Arnaud, my utmost gratitude – I hope one day I can be worthy of what you teach.   Slowly – I’m starting to get it.

To Michael, remember: scrofula!  I can only hope that our study together will continue until the end of our days.

To David Berkshire, thank you for giving me the space to learn from your teacher – nature.

To Brandt, to Abdallah, this end is a beginning.  For us, for Watershed and of course – for our journey to God.

To all of my other teachers, too numerous to list individually, you have bestowed me with faith – in medicine, in myself and in a brighter future for humanity.

Love to my grandfather, who taught me the value of unimpeachable argument.  Hopefully, one day, I will fully integrate the lesson.

To Kellen, thank you for your sincerity and unconditional love – you always have a home with me.

Finally, to my mother and father – Holly and Steve – what can I say?  To you, I owe my life, my fortitude and the most important lesson I’ve learned: in the end, love conquers all.

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